les flâneurs erratiques
Méchant banc de neige

Head up North for an evening screening of video art projected onto a screen made of snow! Put on your big winter coat and come to see works by Sophie Aubry, Marie-Michèle Beaudoin, Claire Brunet, Marie-Josée Desjardins, Catherine Filteau, Isabelle Lavigne, Isabelle Tessier and Zipertatou. As your breath visibly leaves your mouth, the fine work of these artists will warm your heart. As well, you can contemplate life-sized replicas of the Draveur by sculptor Mathieu Patoine and the snow sculpture version of the sculpture Caucus-émergence by Val Morin artist Hélène Brunet-Naumann. Following the projection, Pascal Champagne will transform the snow screen into a winter scene for your viewing pleasure. From February 14 to March 14, you can fill your ears and eyes with the works of Benoit Courchesne and Marly Fontaine that will be presented at the Théâtre du Marais in the heart of the village. Don’t worry if you miss the evening screening on the 13th of February, you’ll have the opportunity to watch the whole show on the 14th of February at the Théâtre du Marais and fill your heart’s desire. Welcome to our first underground, friendly, regional identified, and fun short fest by the Flâneurs erratiques. And a big thanks to the Conseil de la culture des Laurentides, Forum jeunesse and the municipality of Val-Morin! Oh and… kids are welcome!