les flâneurs erratiques

On July 9th from 10am to 5:30pm, the municipalities of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Val-David and Val-Morin will partner with the Centre d’exposition de Val-David and Val Morin arts organization Les Flâneurs erratiques to offer you a wonderful contemporary art event.

The event, Cyclique, will take you on a path of interdisciplinary artistic creation with artists from here and elsewhere.

At 10am at the old Sainte-Agathe train station, you are invited to participate in an introductory workshop called Fanions with the artist Marilyse Goulet. “Inspired by the pennants attached to the back of bicycles to make them safer, the artist invites families and friends to create their own bicycle flag. Citizens will have the opportunity to carve and print a small image directly onto Styrofoam. Thanks to the power of printmaking, participants will experience the production of multiples to create large banners studded with a multitude of multicolored pennants. Towards the end of the day, these will decorate the town as a witness of the richness of the day’s many encounters.

At 1pm, come visit the Centre d’exposition de Val-David, and meet the artists Marc Dulude and Stefan Lesage. You can take part in the inauguration of the work Tout un voyage! produced by artist Marc Dulude, installed at the old train station in Val-David.

At 1:45pm at the old train station in Val-David, under the direction of composer André Pappathomas, comme and participate in the spontaneous creation of Chœur Bref – an ephemeral vocal ensemble that will take part in a great walk towards Town Hall in Val-Morin.

During the great walk of 4.5 km, we will produce the performance Reconfigurations: Procession en 48 déclinaisons by artist Noémi McComber. This performance art work will involve a series of 48 flags seeking to deconstruct the official symbolism promoted by the fleurdelisé.

We will head to Town Hall in Val-Morin, singing with André Pappathomas and performing with Noémi McComber, to take in a concert with the ensemble Karel at 4:30pm. The musicians of the Karel ensemble roam about on moving sculptures, motorized machines that produce acoustic and electronic sounds. Dance, song, and the music combined with the movements of the machines provokes and astonishes the spectator. The show is constructed as a musical fantasy in which each sculpture embodies a dramatic character.

We recommend bringing your lunch. For those who need it, a bus will be on site to take you to each stop of the itinerary. You must reserve your place by contacting Sylvie Vézina at the municipality of Val-David at 819 324-5680 ext. 3, or by email at secretariat@valdavid.com before July 7th.

Details for those who plan to take the bus:

Boarding at Val-Morin at the Town Hall at 9:30 am and in front of the Val-David Exhibition Center at 9:45 am, en route to Sainte-Agathe for the engraving workshop. At 12:30pm the bus will leave for the visit of the exhibitions at the Exhibition Center of Val-David and inauguration of Tout un voyage! by Marc Dulude and for the spontaneous creation of Chœur Bref and the great march towards Val-Morin, culminating in a concert by the ensemble Karel. For those who wish to go by bus to Val-Morin, boarding will be at 4:10 pm in front of the Val-David Exhibition Center. The bus will depart at at 5:45 pm to return to Val-David and Sainte-Agathe.

This event is made possible by the cultural development agreement between the MRC des Laurentides and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec.